Budapesti Müszaki Szakképzési Centrum Újpesti Két Tanítási Nyelvü Müszaki Szakgimnáziuma és Szakközépiskolája


Budapesti Műszaki Szakképzési Centrum Újpesti Két Tanítási Nyelvű Műszaki Szakgimnáziuma és Szakközépiskolája situated in the 4th district of Budapest. .It was established in 1927 and now it is a secondary technical and vocational school specialising in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information technology. The bilingual technical section is an essential part of our academic programme, on completion of which the successful students will receive a C1 language certificate in the respective language. Our primary aim to prepare our students to integrate successfully into the micro-and macro environment, be able to make sensible decisions on their further education/career;become self-directed lifelong learners and be able to integrate into their future work environment. Among the 12 secondary VET schools of Budapesti Műszaki Szakképzési Centrum (Tecnical Vocational Centre in Budapest) we have gained a special reputation of excellence. The institution has 1284 learners and a total staff of 121 teachers.The number of trainers is 58. Our instructional-educational mission is set forward in our pedagogical programme as follows:”The primary goal of any instructional-educational activity carried out in our school is to prepare students to meet the economic and technological requirements of a continuously changing society, as well as become responsible, autonomous citizens able to achieve their full potential.” The school has been participating in EU projects since 2001. In the past 17 years we have taken part in many successful cooperations. The students and teachers have entered for Comenius School Partnerships, in which Italy, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Austria and Greece were our partners. UMSZKI had cooperation with Turkish, Scottish, Finnish and English schools within the Leonardo Partnership Projects with in a substantial number of students in them. Since 2014 within the Erasmus+ Mobility Program students could participate in vocational practice abroad in Finland Germany, and Spain (Mallorca) .Besides the mobility project we are partner in 2 Strategic Partnership projects and in a School Partnership project.Last year we gained The VET Mobility Charter. The school also receives students regularly from the countries mentioned above and provides them with vocational practice either in school workshops or at partner companies. The project coordinator of the school is responsible for welcoming and accommodating the students, she helps them adapt to the new environment. The workshop manager chooses the proper workplaces for them and helps the implementation of the entire professional program. During their stay, these foreign students have the opportunity to participate in different cultural programs organized by the school (sightseeing tours, school festivals, …). Taking part in many European Union Projects the staff has a lot of experience in cooperation with foreign schools.