ErasmusDays2020 Posters from our students!

Here is the gallery of our students’ Posters. Click to visit!

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We are planning a panel with our previous Erasmus teams on 17th of October. Stay tuned…

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Vienna Visit – Day 0-Schönbrünn

As the students arrived early in Vienna, They had plenty of time to have brunch, visit the city and Scönbrünn Palace, as well as Tiergarten.

Vienna day 0 Photo collage

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Video Project

Our Erasmus Team produced a video which introduces our school and the team as well.

Click here to watch the full video


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Countdown for Vienna!

Our Erasmus Team are ready for Vienna visit!vienna

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Palma team selection!!!

Students successufully accomplished the exam and now students are ready for the interview. After the interview, shortlist for Palma will be announced and they will start their preparations for Palma!

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Garage sale !

Students are selling their home made food of our partners!

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Erasmus team Election exam

Today we are holding Erasmus election exam with our 8th graders! Keep fingers crossed:)

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Erasmusdays 2019 activities

We are planning activities to celebrate Erasmusdays on 10 and 11 October 2019.

On 10 th of October 2019 our students will prepare some food and beverages of our partner countries and sell them to their friends. The raised money will be sent to animal shelters for our little friends:)

On 11 th of October 2019 we will have a quiz show about our partners in German and Spanish!

Lastly, we will have an outdoor activity which will enforce our understanding of sustainability in Europe!! We will plant fruit trees! Apple, nuts, plum and peach.

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